Throw a Non-Traditional Holiday Dinner Party

We like to interrupt the obligatory potluck with a real dinner party, the kind with a planned menu and the good dishes.

An evening with friends halfway through the holiday season is a sophisticated way to celebrate. And it has a side benefit during the busy holiday season: The preparations give you an excuse to cook at a time when you’d normally be ticking off items on your to-buy list.

Making time for a tradition like this one is a memory investment, a way to slow the season down with a ritual that’s usually lost to more consumer pursuits. But if preparing a full dinner party on your own is too much, consider enlisting the help of your guests. Assign recipes to your friends and fill the table together.

And while you’re disrupting the usual entertainment routine, consider a new cuisine. Entertaining takes on a new tone when you mix up the table offerings.

We’re intrigued by the new focus on Scandinavian cooking. Its warm spices and nod to the Danish concept of hygge appeal to our need for cozy winter gatherings.

With this in mind, consider these northern European dishes that put a spin on seasonal ingredients:

Scandinavian Recipes for a Non-Traditional Holiday Dinner Party