Our most ambitious project yet...

An original interpretation of an ancient cooking artifact, this mortar and pestle set is made from solid cast bronze—a material and process that echos the enduring utility of the basic design.  The profile is molded into a wax form.  That form is sculpted by hand.  Every time we cast a piece, a new mould is created and subsequently destroyed. Each mark, cut and shape is unique to the piece.  A true one-of-a-kind functional sculpture.  These materials will retain their authenticity, accepting their ageing and evolve over generations.

After months of design work and collaboration, today we’re proud to introduce our solid cast bronze mortar and pestle sets.

We’re drawn to the mortar and pestle for its simplicity.

It works the same way today as it did a thousand years ago, relying on muscle power to grind and compound—salt, spices, herbs, garlic—between two hard surfaces.

Traditional mortar and pestle sets are stone or ceramic. But we’ve upgraded to create a tool among tools, one that will outlast every other object in your kitchen.

Usually the metal of choice for machine parts, coins, or statues, bronze is harder than copper or aluminum, making it a good material for crushing salt, seeds, and herbs.

Our in-house design combines this superior metal with the ancient concept of a grinding bowl, modern design techniques, and classic form to create a kitchen tool that’s as functional as it is sculptural.

Since the wax models are destroyed during the casting process, each of our mortar and pestle sets cannot be replicated. These are not mass-produced. Just 10 sets, each with a different finish, were cast individually by a foundry and are offered as one-of-a-kind items.

Exterior surface designs incorporate simple finishes, hand-applied textures, and sculpted exteriors. See the full line here and find the one that will last you a lifetime.