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Mastro Company works directly with artists and small-scale producers to cultivate products that will evolve over generations.

Our Philosophy:

Chances are, you have very few kitchen items that are satisfying to use. Every item in your kitchen came from somewhere and chances are, the ones that are mass-produced don’t bring you joy. Many won’t last long enough for them to matter.

"I love this knife..."

The items we use every day can become as much a part of our story as the food we post and share. Kitchen items are personal by nature. Good tools will accompany you more reliably and with more longevity than your furniture, your shoes or your cars. Scaling up is an investment in the small tasks that matter the most

Common stores don’t carry uncommon items.

Why, then, don’t more home cooks own quality tools that feel just right? Because they’re hard to find.  And internet searches are time-consuming and undependable.  We hope to solve that.

What makes our products unique?

Fine kitchen goods, like small-batch foods, come directly from the people who make them. A handcrafted item is made, not produced en masse, by an artist who cares about the grade of steel, the grain of the wood, the shape of a bowl.

Unless you inherit them, where will you find tools that function like old-world treasures?

Artists and makers are able to imagine something other than an ordinary wooden spoon or a mediocre cutting board that’s prone to warping. Without the constraints of mass production, they’re free to focus on function and value. The amount of attention and care put into making their tools matches both your dedication to cooking and deep affinity for the food you put on your table. 

Living with your collection

When you bring an artist’s creation home and use it, you support the artist as well as your own cooking skills. Using beautiful, long-lasting items honors the process of finding, purchasing, preparing, and serving good food.

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