New Product: With the grain or against it? With it...


If there is one single reason to use an end grain cutting board, this is it. When cutting on an end grain cutting board, the knife is effectively trying to cut the fibers in half; the sharp point of the blade will quickly become rounded and dull.  The wood fibers stand upright on an end grain board, the knife blade slips between the vertical wood fibers, protecting the blade edge and not severing the wood fibers.

When you use an end grain board the knife will cut between the grains allowing it to “heal” vs against the grain scaring the board.  Think about the bristles on a brush.  Top down you go between the bristles.  From the side you cut each bristle.

On your end-grain cutting board, the vertical fibers will naturally return to their starting position, saving the cutting surface. 

Basic food safety always applies but if you have any concerns about wooden cutting boards and bacteria start with the science.  

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Spoiler:  Seven species of wood were tested against two types of plastic.  Wood wins!

Elevate your kitchen style with this gorgeous handcrafted end grain walnut butcher block .  Our end grain walnut board blends dark chocolate hues with bursts of bronze coloring.  We utilize different shades of walnut to create a unique calico pattern, each block is hand crafted and unique.   Walnut is a very durable wood that is long lasting and suitable for all kitchen tasks.