Limited First Edition of the Custom Korean Cleaver

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I originally found this cleaver on a trip to South Korea and a friend quickly dubbed it the “Chicken Killer”.  You’ll see it at work in almost every street side restaurant.   “Scary fast chicken deboning cleaver” would have been a more accurate if not meandering name.

The original form of this knife is far too crude for most kitchens.  With the help of knife-maker Isaiah Schroeder we’ve created a much more refined version.

African Blackwood and brass handle with a polished top and brushed finish underneath.  The blade has been polished and rounded over for comfort then given a razor sharp edge.

This knife will require a bit more care and attention and isn’t a starter knife.  It is rust and corrosion resistant but should be wiped down after each use and never put in the dishwasher.  Use a forward grip for the best control and don’t under estimate the immediate reaction people have to this knife.

Design:  Mastro Company collaboration with IS Knifeworks

Edition: Limited Edition of 25

Material: San Mai laminated steel blade, African Blackwood and brass handle. 8 inch blade, 4.5 inch handle.

Source:  Gyeonggi Province,  South Korea/Wisconsin, USA