Dishing up the Dirt Cookbook

Dishing up the Dirt Cookbook

Andrea Bemis calls Our Berti Knife the "Best knife ever!".  We could not agree more!

Andrea and her husband live on a 6 acre organic vegetable farm (Tumbleweed Farm) in beautiful Parkdale, Oregon.  

The 8" Berti Chef Knife from Mastro Company will be featured in her upcoming Dishing up the Dirt Cookbook.  Follow the progress on Instagram using #dishingupthedirtcookbook

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Salad Recipe More Stomach Instagram Post

new: #ontheblog is a salad i made for a picnic dw & i had at a garden, where we were ambushed by prom-going kids & their parents who were trying to get pose-y pictures. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't judging, cus i totally was. it's the truth tho when i say the kids were better behaved than the parents.  thankfully, we were able to pack up easily enough & move aside to make room for the obnoxious adults. i'm just saying man, it's a public space, don't be a dick taco. 🌮. casserole dish from @mastrocompany#spon #glutenfree #vegan #veganfoodlovers 

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Indian Simmer Blog Instagram Post

Panchratan Dal was lunch yesterday. Panchratan which literally means five gems in Hindi is a healthy and warm medley of five kinds of lentils mixed and cooked to perfection. A warming soup I served it simply with a side of brown rice and a green salad. This gorgeous ceramic casserole by @mastrocompany made a humble looking dal luxurious!

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Mastro Cutting Board Unwrapped Instagram post

sundaymorningbananapancakes My new Black Walnut + Maple cutting board just came in from  #mastrocompany  // it is gorgeous and the perfect size. See it in action later this week with more info about this great new company connecting artisans with everyday peeps

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