Kasar is a hard-medium pale yellow cheese made from unpasteurized sheep's milk to get correct flavor and texture, faintly resembles parmesan. It is sourish and buttery in taste, suitable for any type meal.

Ingredients Required:

Sheep's milk (10 liters)
Rennet (2.5g)
Salt (4.5g)
Calcium chloride (2.5g)

Preparation Method:

You will get 15 inches diameter of kasar with mentioned ingredients
Heat the sheep's milk gently up to 34-36C and add rennet, leave for 35 minutes
Break the curds and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes and again heat up to 37-40C with continuous stirring
Once high temperature is reached, allow the curd to rest for another 10 minutes
Transfer drained curd in cheesecloth and eliminate any lumps
Now tie cheesecloth and keep light weight on top to drain additional whey
After 7-8 hours ripening will be completed
Uniformly cut the ripened mass into thin slices and placed it in warm water (70-80C) and flipping must be performed for three days to hold its shape
Salting is external and begins the day after the cheeses are made using medium size salt grains
Make sure, 12-14 times of salting should done in 4 days while flipping
Finally, wash cheese with warm water (40-50C) and place on racks for aging

It will take at least 4 months for proper development of flavor, but kasar is best after 10-12 months