Tulum peyniri

Tulum peyniri

Tulum peyniri is a old traditional Turkish goat milk cheese ripened in a goatskin casing, called as tulum cheese. It can be used in burek or similar foods and is also a great appetizer when mixed with walnuts.

Ingredients Required:

Goatmilk (10 liters)
Mesophilic starter (10g)
Lipas (10g)
Calcium chloride (7g)
Rennet (2.5g)
Cultured butter (3%)
Salt (4.5g)
Yogurt (20% of unopened packet)

Preparation Method:

  • You will get 10 inches diameter of tulum peyniri with mentioned ingredients
  • First, add calcium chloride and lipas to cold milk, stir well
  • Gradually, heat the milk up to 34C and add a mesophilic starter
  • After 1 hour add rennet and wait for 1 to 3 hours
  • Now shift the curds to cheesecloth and drain it for 10 to 36 hours
  • Drain ricotta as much as possible from remaining whey
  • Depending on weight of cheese, add salt, yogurt, and butter(depending on your quantity), slowly mix cheese well
  • Optional: roasted onion seeds (it's an old tradition, but not mandatory)
  • Now, cover the cheese with goat skin and hang in the place where the  temperature is 5C to 10C degrees
  • Keep it for 2 to 3 months, according to the atmospheric conditions