"How to Earn a Michelin Star"-Michelin Guide 2017: The Ritz and London's oldest Indian restaurant win coveted star

You are probably familiar with the Michelin Guide and the star rating system.  What you may not have seen is a simple explanation of the criteria for the rating.  This article from the Telegraph and the table below is worth a a quick read and review.

How to | Earn a Michelin Star

The Michelin Guide was established in France in 1900.

Since its inception, the criteria have been simple yet maddeningly opaque:

 = ‘Very good cooking in its category’

★★ = ‘Excellent cooking - worth a detour’

★★★ = ‘Exceptional cuisine - worthy of a special journey’

Rebecca Burr, editor of the UK guide since the 2011 edition, has been slightly more forthcoming: in a 2013 interview with Fine Dining Guide, she explained that one star is awarded for ‘food quality’ and ‘consistency of offering’

The ‘step from one to two stars demonstrates the flair, creativity, consistency and quality of individual signature’

Three stars ‘represents extraordinary skill in displaying absolute mastery of classical through to modern cooking techniques’ and a ‘philosophy of excellence’